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Sell your old laptop to Laptops Direct

Here at Laptops Direct our aim is take the hassle out of selling your laptop, if you`re pushed for time or don`t have the energy to list on an auction site or don`t want to use the complicated processes of our competitors on the web our service is perfect for you; AND we`ll give you a great price for your old kit!

  • Laptops that are 5 years old or less with a legible Microsoft Windows COA sticker, or any Apple MacBooks under 5 years old.
  • Laptop must have a 12” screen or larger.
  • Laptop must be in full working order.
  • Laptop must be supplied in adequate packaging.
your data is safe

Your Data is Safe with Us

Data Security is a top priority for us as a business, when we receive any laptops under our trade in scheme our skilled engineers fully erase and reformat the hard drive and any other storage media/ devices, destroying any data and protecting your sensitive information.

We take data destruction very seriously and so you can rest assured that any personal files and information that you`ve stored on your machine will be securely erased and never recovered.