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Sell Us Your Laptop: Terms & Conditions

Subject to the following terms and conditions, customers will be eligible to receive cashback for the sale of their old laptop.

This promotion is open to residents of the UK only.

In order to qualify for the promotion, your laptop must:

Products must be received within 14 days after the completion of the web form. If items are not received within the 14 days, the original valuation is nullified and our offer is no longer valid. All quotes via the website are estimates only. A final offer will not be made until our technical team have inspected your laptop (7 days after receipt). Quotes for your laptop are based on your laptop being fully functional, complete and in good cosmetic condition with no noticeable damage to the screen or casing.

Once we have received your laptop, an engineer will evaluate it for damage and any non-functional parts. Engineers will evaluate if the laptop is worth the original valuation. Should a laptop fall outside the stated conditions we will send a revised offer by email with an option to either accept or decline. If the revised offer is declined, we will gladly return laptop in the condition it was received for free.

From the date an offer is sent, you have 14 days to accept or decline the proposed valuation. If we have not received a reply within this time the offer will be taken as accepted and processed at the revised price for payment, or disposal, of the laptop.

If the laptop is in the required condition (or following an accepted revised offer) we will process your payment, which will be sent via cheque to the address supplied during the claim process. This cheque will be sent within 14 days of a validated offer. Please allow an additional 5 days for possible postage delays. All cheques will be made payable to the customer only.

Confidential Data

The deletion of any data stored on the laptop hard disk and/or any other storage media is the responsibility of the customer. Upon receipt of a laptop our engineers perform a full wipe of data stored on the laptop hard disk, but we cannot be held responsible should any data remain. As mentioned above, data deletion is the responsibility of the customer.

Unfortunately we cannot accept any responsibility for the security, protection, confidentiality or use of any data. Please note we are unable to retrieve any customer data once the product has been received. We comply with strict data protection legislation concerning the recycling of data bearing devices and have processes that ensure we either destroy or use effective data wiping software to securely delete data.

‘Full Working Order’ Defined

For your laptop to qualify as 'working', it must be fully functional. Definition of a working computer for the promotion is as follows:

  • The machine powers up
  • The display works
  • The laptop does not have a BIOS password
  • The keyboard and track pad work
  • The hard drive or solid state memory is functional
  • The CPU and RAM work
  • The optical drive (if present) works
  • The motherboard is fully operational & any ancillary functions consistent with the model of the laptop work. For example - USB ports, VGA or other monitor connections, modem port, Ethernet port, HDMI port, PCMCIA slots and cards, built in memory card reader slot, sound card and biometric functions.
  • General wear & tear (scratches, marks) are acceptable

Laptops must arrive with the following:

  • Hard drive
  • RAM
  • Motherboard
  • Display screen
  • Complete UK Qwerty keyboard
  • Optical drives (if present on specific model)
  • Speakers and other original components

Laptop Condition Defined

Good : The laptop must be clean and functional with no faults in the system. The screen and speakers should be scratch free and any scratches to the casing should be barely noticeable. The laptop must be a complete machine with all parts present. The laptop should have a UK Keyboard.

Fair: The laptop shows signs of use but is clean, fully functional with no screen damage. Small marks and scratches to the chassis are visible. The laptop must be a complete machine with all parts present, and have a UK or US Keyboard.

Poor: The laptop hardware still functions, but there is clearly cosmetic or structural damage. There are dents or cracks to the casing e.g. broken latches, catches or hinges and scratched screens. (The screen should not have any dents, holes or other damages that interfere with it working) The laptop must be a complete machine with all parts present. Laptops with a non UK /US keyboard will fall into this category as will a machine that holds less than 20 minutes of charge when not plugged into the mains.

Faulty: The laptop has damage that causes it to be faulty, unstable and unusable. Such damage includes non-repairable surface damages, broken screens and unstable hardware. The laptop must be a complete machine with all parts present.