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Targus Mobile Docking Station with Video ACP50EU

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Product Information

The Targus USB 2.0 Mobile Docking Station with Video provides instant peripheral device attachment via a single USB 2.0 connection. The "One Touch" interface allows users to quickly and easily connect to an external monitor, keyboard, network, mouse, printer, speakers or other devices in a matter of seconds. The Universal Docking Station is unique "Always On" feature is used to continuously charge devices such as mice, phones or PDAs, whether the laptop in on or not.

NB supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. Does not support Windows 7


Uniquely Designed for Comfort and Cooling: Raised notebook platform improves airflow and convection cooling
"One touch" connection to notebook and tablet PCs: Simply plug in a USB cable and have your keyboard, monitor/LCD and other external devices connected to your notebook
True Video Support: Connect your monitor or LCD directly to the docking station; no additional cable connection required
Plug and Play Connectivity: Automatically recognizes new USB devices when plugged in without rebooting - No need to reconnect every time you boot-up
Enhanced USB Ports
- Power Ports: Two power ports provide twice as much power (1,000 mA) as standard USB ports - Always On: Power ports remain powered even when notebook is shut down or disconnected (perfect for recharging mice, phones and other devices)
- Adapter Friendly USB Ports: USB ports are double spaced to accommodate larger adapters Power ports remain powered even when notebook is shut down or disconnected (perfect for recharging mice, phones and other devices)


Questions & Answers

29/01/2010 Will L: Is this compatible with windows 7?

SteveK: Yes

14/09/2009 Nancy: I am about to purchase an Acer Aspire 7735ZG PMD T4200. Will it work with this docking station (the targus mobile)? It's a little bit hard to tell from the photo - does it work like any other docking station in that it allows you to plug in an external screen, printer and so on to the docking station? Will it work with other notebooks as well? Dell, for instance?

david s: It will work with any manufacturer and system. Can't see why it wouldn't work with another docking station.

06/09/2009 Rakesh: i have a hp lifebook 2530p. This will support this Laptop?

SteveF: Yes its compatible with all models.

12/08/2009 John: Would this work with a 5738G with a 23"" monitor

SteveF: Yes.

08/08/2009 Colin: Is this compatible with a Toshiba Satellite A300 1J1

SteveF: Yes, its compatible with any laptop sporting usb ports.

08/07/2009 JB: Hi, I have bought for work an ASUS Eee PC 1000H. Since there will be a few of us using Eee PC's and hotdesking can we set up a static pc (viglen genie pc's) using this docking station and then turn the static pc off and switch to the Eee PC easily?Basically I want the monitor, keyboard and mouse to run off one or the other through the docking station so it's easy to switch.

SteveF: Yes, the dock connects via usb so if all your peripherals are hooked up to the dock, all you need to do is unplug the usb lead from the netbook and then plug it into the desktop.

01/07/2009 RonH: With this dock can you switch the laptop on without opening the screen. In other words could I leave it closed whilst using external monitor and keyboard?

SteveF: No, you'll need to keep the screen open otherwise it will shut down as it does now.

13/06/2009 Casey: My daughter has an Acer Aspire One. It is a mini laptop. Would this product work for it?

David J: This will work with the windows based Aspire One netbooks, I couldn't guarantee it would work with Linux

14/02/2009 wilsoe: I am thinking of buying a Acer 5535 RM-70 4GB. Would this docking station be compatible and allow me to use my bigger screen?

david s: As this is universal it will work on any machine

17/12/2008 Adam: Hi, I have an Acer Aspire One running Vista. I assume this gadget would let me run my aspire using my desk top monitor, keyboard, printer, network cable etc etc.

Is there anything I won't be able to do using the desk top peripherals that I can do directly on the laptop? eg watch video

SteveF: you'll struggle to get a second monitor working off it at any great resolution as the graphics card is built for the small screen. The rest of the peripherals will work as they do on a desktop.

30/11/2008 Tom.N: Would this Docking station work with my new laptop
Novatech X80r Pro

SteveF: It will work with any laptop that has a USB port.

20/11/2008 Les: Does this product work with an Acer Ferrari and if so what else would be required to be attached to the laptop?

SteveF: Yes it will work with any laptop with a USB port, which is how it connects to the laptop.

08/11/2008 Dan J: Is this docking station compatible with Acer 5630?

SteveF: Yes, the docking station is compatible with all laptops that have a USB port.

20/09/2008 Lewis Jones: I am thinking about purchasing a docking station for an Advent 5312. Would this docking station be compatible?

peterh: This is a universal docking station and is compatible with all USB2.0 laptops.

18/09/2008 John d: Would this be compatible with an acer aspire 6920? thankyou.

Easycom: Yes it would.

05/09/2008 Paul: Does this work with Sony Vaioi laptops?

Easycom: Yes.

01/08/2008 Tom Kear: Does using this docking station have any limitations over connecting devices through their standard connectors. For example, does connecting the monitor via the docking station instead of via a VGA socket have any adverse affects what-so-ever? Can I run at any resolution that the graphics card normally supports with no drop in quality or refresh rate?

Easycom: Yes, there shouldnt be any difference at all in quality.

30/07/2008 Simon: Will this work with the new Asus Eee PC 1000H

Easycom: Yes it will

24/06/2008 Ali: Could you advise if this port replicator will work with monitors running at 1680 x 1050 resolution, allowing them to run at that resolution rather than at a reduced resolution?

Easycom: Yes it will allow them to run at that resolution.

23/05/2008 Timm: In response to some peoples questions about using the docking station and external monitor and keeping the laptop closed (only working on the external monitor) To do this you need to change the power settings on your laptop so that 'closing the lid' 'does nothing' Hope this helps :o)

21/05/2008 Daniel: Greetings!
I wonder if the power button on this docking station will also power up a switched-off notebook attached to it. Or do I have to open the lid and press the power button on the laptop first anyway?... Thanks.

Easycom: Hi Daniel,
You have to open the lid and press the power button on the laptop first.

19/03/2008 Sara: Will this work with Vista?

Easycom: Yes this works fine with Vista.

16/03/2008 Ian: I have an Acer Aspire 1670. Will this hub work with this laptop? Would like to work with the laptop closed and using an external lcd only will this be possible?

Easycom: Yes it will work fine with your laptop and you can connect external LCD also.

03/03/2008 Dan Nickols: Would this work with a Packard Bell SW51-B-012?

Easycom: Yes it would.

29/02/2008 Magician: Will this Work with a Samsung R60 Plus?

Easycom: This devices solely uses the USB port to function, and should work fine.

29/01/2008 Jan: Will this work with the Acer Aspire 9303WSMi?

I have read mixed reviews about this product and am unclear as to whether it works for my laptop.

If it does, I would certainly like to purchase one

Easycom: Yes it will work

17/12/2007 Chris: Does this work with an Acer 5320 travelmate, running monitor, keyboard, mouse and power to the laptop

Easycom: This will be fine for an Acer Travelmate 5320 as it plugs into a USB port. It will connect a monitor and a USB keyboard, however the laptop will have to be porwered.

14/11/2007 pfkirk: I have a Fujitsu Lifebook N series
Is the docking station compatible?
Do I need special software to use an external monitor at the same time as the laptop monitor?
Are all monitors/keyboards compatible?

Easycom: This should be fine to use with this laptop. No extra software is required this will allow you to run dual screen. It will require a USB keyboard as it doesn't offer PS/2 compatibility.

22/10/2007 KK: I have an Acer Aspire 1690 notebook and would like to use a docking stn. One of your comments for 25-Jun-2007 indicated that to work with an external screen, the notebook will need to be kept open. I thought the whole point of the docking stn is to use an external screen with the notebook closed - at least that was my previous experience with another brand of notebook, IBM Thinkpad. Can you please clarify?

Easycom: If the notebook screen is kept open, you can use both screens at the same time - being able to slide applications between monitors. For example, you could run your web browser on your laptops screen and a MS Word on the external screen and have Excel stretched over both (if you really wished!). If you close the screen, then you're back to using just one monitor.

28/08/2007 Kev: Would this work with an Acer TravelMate 5514WLMI?

Easycom: Yes it will

15/08/2007 Gav: Would this work with TravelMate 5500 series?
Does it allow Dual Screen setup? IE, spread your desktop across two monitors?

Easycom: Yes it would

03/08/2007 Farid: My notebook is Acer Aspire 1804WSMi. I managed to break the power connector at the back. Nothing else is wrong with the laptop. Would I still be able to use this port replicator?

Easycom: This docking station does not power the laptop so you would still need to power the laptop separately.

01/08/2007 paul b: Does the power supply from my laptop plug into the docking station, compuetr as normal or does it power it from the USB connection??

Easycom: When using this docking station you would plug the power supply into the laptop.

27/06/2007 ZL: Will it work with a Samsung X60?

Easycom: Yes it will

25/06/2007 Letitia: I have an Acer TravelMate 4021Lci Notebook. When using this Mobile docking station with video, would you be able to work on the external monitor with you notebook closed? Or will it automatically just shut down as all new notebooks are set to do.

Easycom: You will need to keep the screen open

24/06/2007 AdamC: Please can you tell me if the Ethernet port will support Gigabit? Many Thanks

Easycom: The Ethernet port operates at 10/100MB

22/06/2007 MO: I am in the process of buying a Samsung Q35 notebook. I want to sue a separate LCD display, keyboard, mouse and printer. Will this port replicator do the trick through one USB connection to the Samsung Q35?

Easycom: Yes it will

17/06/2007 Mitchell: I own an Acer Aspire 7104 WSMi laptop.
1) How much strain does an external monitor place on the USB based VGA connection?
2) A related question, how much will my laptops IGP intel900 system cope under a direct VGA (not through dock) with say, a 20" widescreen monitor?

Easycom: Either connection would be able to handle a 20 inch screen. The Aspire notebook has two usb controllers that the ports are spread across consequently you may find that having plugging other devices into different ports dramatically changes the responsiveness of the notebook.

30/05/2007 RA: I have a HP NX6310 notebook and I have 2 questions. 1) Is the Targus fully compatible with the laptop to facilitate use of PS/2 Kdb and Mouse, 15 pin VGA connector. 2) Could I use a KVM switch with it? Thanks in advance

Easycom: Yes and Yes

24/05/2007 Eranda: is this compatible with Toshiba-P100 160 model?

Easycom: Yes it is

20/04/2007 Ian Long: Dose it work with vista?

Easycom: Yes it does

16/04/2007 Carol Vant: I have recently bought a Toshiba A100 laptop to replace my Dell Inspiron. I had a docking station for the Dell and this helped to prevent strain on my shoulder. I want to use a keyboard, mouse, USB and parallel printer and a monitor. I also have a PDA that I would attach. Would this docking station meet my needs efficiently?

Easycom: As long as your PDA can sycnh via USB, this would be ideal.