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Netbook Buying Guide

"Hiya, I'm Jodie and I'm here to explain everything that you need to know about Netbooks."

Netbooks are highly portable, lightweight machines that can be taken almost anywhere. They easily allow you to connect to the Internet so you can check emails, chat with friends and keep connected whether it's to work when you're out on business or to family and friends if you're lucky enough to go travelling or on holiday.

Netbooks don't have many of the features that a laptop does, and are not as powerful. However, they are easier on the wallet compared to your standard laptops and they come in an array of fabulous colours, so you can easily find one that will suit your style and budget.

  • Lightweight, slim and portable
  • Cost effective
  • Great for Internet Browsing

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Key Feature: Processor

Netbook processors are not as powerful as Laptop processors but they offer perfect support when doing basic tasks such as browsing the Internet, answering emails and using social networking sites so you don't waste time waiting for sites or programmes to load.

Look out for Dual Core Atom processors for improved multitasking and a notebook with higher the speed in Ghz means the more powerful the processor is!

Other features to consider

Operating System: The Operating System is, let's call it the 'brain' of the Netbook. Most Netbooks come with a basic version OS which is supplied with a Laptop but they use less resource and keep the Netbook running smoothly.

Hard Drive: Netbooks come with a Hard Drive size of between 160GB-320GB which easily allows you to hold all of your pictures, videos and office data.

DVD Drive: No Netbook comes with a DVD drive so if you need to access a DVD or CD you will need to buy an external DVD drive. (Click here to see our range of External DVD drives)

Connectivity: All netbooks can be connected to the Internet so you can keep connected wherever you go. If you are looking to use a netbook on the go a 3G dongle will be vital.

Internet Browsing: Most Netbooks are used for Internet browsing and answering emails. Just like laptops, netbooks are prone to malicious malware and hackers. Make sure you keep safe online and get F-Secure Internet Security when ordering a netbook as it not only protects against viruses and spyware but you can also keep your children safe online with the Parental Control features. It will keep 1 user safe online for 12 months.

Webcam: Most netbooks now come with an integrated webcam so you can easily keep in touch with friends and family.

3G(Connectivity): If you're a 'busy bee' and always on your feet, constantly checking emails, Facebook updates and Tweets, then the 3G option is probably more up your street.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is used for short range connectivity which allows you to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices; this may be your Smartphone, laptop or even desktop. It comes in very handy for quick file transfers and connecting accessories to your tablet.

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