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Mobile Buying Guide

Here at Laptops Direct we want to find the Perfect Mobile Phone for You. We understand that not everyone has, or necessarily wants, a smartphone. That's why we provide a range of basic easy to use classic style mobile phones as well as all of the latest smartphones. We also understand that not everyone understands the difference so here is a little insight.

The main difference between a smartphone versus a classic mobile phone are "Apps". Apps is short for applications and they are the main selling point of a smartphone. With millions of Apps to choose from there is an App for everything be it tracking your calorie intake or just keeping social and up to date with friends.

Other differences are:

  • Faster data - Send and receive everything faster including texts, pictures and downloads.
  • Cameras - With up to 20 Megapixel cameras, a smartphone produces much better quality photos.
  • Web browsing - Surf the internet straight from your smartphone.
Mobile Buying Guide Easy Phones Mobile Buying Guide Smartphones


If a smartphone is something that now sounds appealing then in order to point you towards the right phone you need to understand the type of "Operating System" that runs on the phone. There are only four to choose from but some offer very different experiences.

Mobile Buying Guide Easy Phones

Android - is an Operating System from the people who created Google. It is a fast and responsive operating system and offers a great selection of apps as well as great customization options. Because of it's ease of use and low cost around 70% of the UK use Android.

Mobile Buying Guide Smartphones

- iOS is an Operating System from Apple which is strictly only for Apple iPhones. It is very simple and easy to use because Apple is always introducing changes that add features but also make things simpler. Compared to Android it is very similar but offers less customization.

Mobile Buying Guide Easy Phones

Windows Mobile - Windows Mobile is a fairly new Operating System developed by Microsoft. It is still a less popular choice for some users but one great point is that that integrates very well with your desktop computer.

Mobile Buying Guide Smartphones

BlackBerry OS - BlackBerry OS is similar to iOS in that it is only used on BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry OS is very orientated towards business and work and thus for simple users just getting to grips with smartphones it can be a bit overwhelming. For those that want integration with their emails and work schedule, no other Operating System will match it.


» Processors, what are they?

Processors are what powers the Operating System that runs on your phone. The more cores in the processor the faster it will be. For example a Quad Core processor will be faster than a Dual Core.

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» What are Refurbs?

Refurbs are refurbished phones. They will either be opened boxes for display purposes, returns, or phones that have minor cosmetic damages such as scratches. The refurbs are all graded in house and available to view in store.

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» What does Unlocked & SIM Free mean?

Unlocked & SIM Free mean that your phone is not tied to any network and is not supplied with any SIM Card or contract. This means that you can use the phone with any UK network you like.

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» What is 2G, 3G and 4G?

2G, 3G, and 4G all relate to the wireless networks that your phone can access in the UK. These wireless networks are what allow you to make phone calls. Basically 2G is the basic network, 3G is a faster, and 4G is the fastest in the UK. Most classic mobile phones will be 2G where as smartphones will be 3G or 4G.

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» Dual SIM?

Dual SIM means that the phone allows you to insert two different SIM cards and switch between them. One for home and one for work or abroad.

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» What are Rugged phones?

Rugged phones are an emerging type of phone which are great for the outdoors or for work in harsh environments. They are dust proof, water resistant and great at taking no damage from falls.

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» Easy to use?

Easy to use phones are a selection of phones that we feel would suit those who don't want a smartphone or want to take small steps with a specially designed smartphone with large buttons.

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» Kids phones?

Our range of Kids phones are hand picked to be everything that a child starting high school would need and possibly more from basic mobile phones to smartphones.

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» What is a power bank?

A power bank is a great little device that lets your charge your phone on the go. They are small, compact, and great for storing in your bag in case of an emergency.

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» Smart watches?

Smart Watches are new technology that connects your phone to a digital watch on your wrist. This means that if you get any notifications you don't need to pull your phone out to see but can simply look at your wrist. Great for at work or when exercising.

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» Fitness trackers?

Fitness trackers are similar to Smart Watches but they are more geared towards tracking your movement and fitness and feeding what it gathers to your smartphone so you can track and set goals for yourself.

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» Why are all of your phones EU versions?

Don't be scared off by this, this is the same for any phone not made in the UK. Manufacturers create 3 to 4 different versions of a phone, one for the USA, one for Europe, one for South America and one for Asia. In some cases this may mean that the phone comes with an EU plug but we will supply an adapter at no extra cost if this is the case.

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» What is a Megapixel?

A Megapixel is the unit of measurement for the quality of a camera. The higher the megapixel the better quality the picture.

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