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Freecom Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

There is always a possibility that your computer’s hard drive or your external hard drive may crash. A hard drive crash would mean that you lose all data that is stored on that drive. Imagine your digital photos, your music or video collection, your important documents…. All gone!

With Freecom’s Data Recovery Service/Anti Datastrophe System a hard drive crash is not the end of the world. Even if your computer does not recognize the hard drive anymore, the data usually is still present on the drive and thereby might still be recoverable in our laboratory.

Registering for Freecom’s Data Recovery Service means a safe feeling for you. For a period of 3 years, you have the right to one data recovery of your hard drive in case it has crashed.

Key Features
  • Total Peace of mind for the next 3 years
  • Reclaim lost files, photos, videos & music
  • Can be used for any Hard Drive brands
  • Covers all Magnetic Hard Disc or SSD devices

Purchase the Data Recovery Service package

Register online at www.freecom.com/datarecovery, including details of the hard drive for which you register the service. The service covers one data recovery of one device for a period of 3 years, valid only after registration.

Should your hard drive crash, contact Freecom online at www.freecom.com/datarecovery or per telephone via one of Freecom's local Service Centres

After receiving a confirmation e-mail from Freecom, you can ship the drive to the laboratory free of charge, using a Freecom shipping label

Upon arrival at the laboratory, a technician will send you a diagnostic report via e-mail, including a list of recoverable files

After your confirmation, the laboratory will recover your data and send the recovered data back