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Education - ICT Services - Service Information

Listed below is a brief explanation of each service offered. For further information please contact our specialist education team on 0844 412 4552 or email


We offer attractive 3 year leasing packages using Syscap and Wyse leasing.

At Laptops Direct we share one passionate belief: that finance represents the most effective way to acquire education-critical technology. That by spreading the cost of IT, you'll maximise budgets and enjoy ongoing access to the IT you need.

Our innovative solutions help you acquire the technology you need, when you need it, without traditional budgetary constraints. Right now, we're helping UK schools and colleges bring their ICT systems to life.

The case for IT finance is simple and powerful. Our solutions let you acquire the technology you need now and spread the cost over your equipment’s useful life. You can free up working capital and start realizing the benefits right away. Finance is the logical way to acquire technology. Here’s why:

  1. Good for your budgetSpreading the cost creates instant cash flow benefits.
  2. Alternative source of creditFinance won’t affect your other credit lines, so you can stay on the leading edge of technology, and dedicate your existing funding sources to other projects.
  3. Total flexibilityWe can cover hardware, software, training, maintenance and more, in one simple, regular payment.
  4. Easy upgrades You can build in upgrades and migrations, without increasing your payments.

Disk Imaging

To save you time, we will clone your approved image onto the PCs or Laptops of your choice.

A disk image is a computer file containing the complete contents and structure of a data storage medium or device.

An ordinary backup program only backs up the files it can access; boot information and files locked by the operating system (such as those in use at the time of the backup) may not be saved. A full disk image contains all these, faithfully replicating all data. For this reason, it is commonly used for backing up disks with operating systems, or bootable CDs and DVDs.

In practice, this means that if (for example) you make an image of a fresh install of an OS, with everything tuned; tweaked, and optimized to perfection, you can restore the drive to that perfect condition at any time just by reverting to the stored image. Think about it: No matter how scrambled or messed up your system is, just restore the image and you're back to like-new perfection in a matter of minutes

Instant Credit

Within the Public Sector the purchase ordering system means prepayment is often impossible, so we are happy to make 30 days credit immediately available giving you time for funds to be transferred without having to wait for your equipment.

If you are a public school, college or university instant credit is usually available same day but can be slowed down due to our security checks. Feel free to call our education team for further information and advice on 0844 412 4552 or email

Onsite Services

Our Nationwide team of AV and Network Engineers offer one of the UK’s lowest priced Installation services on all Laptops, Projectors, Smartboards and institution wide Network Solutions.

Our dedicated team of IT professionals has a common focus - to provide reliable computing solutions and a dependable on site service for all of our education customers. Our installation service is quick but thorough, ensuring the highest quality workmanship, thus providing you with a stable IT infrastructure that will encourage both students and staff.

Working with your IT technicians the process and equipment will be explained helping your establishment to maintain a smooth running and efficient network of ICT equipment.


We can arrange low cost insurance on your laptops, PCs and projectors, saving you on claiming on the School's policy.

Using CompuCover we specialize in All-Risks insurance policies for ICT equipment that have been designed with notebook users in mind. Notebooks as well as other ICT equipment are covered against theft, accidental damage, fire and flood and when being used at school, home, other buildings or when travelling - that includes outside of the UK!

The policy has no excess, whereas other policies can have high excesses. Due to policy excesses some schools choose to 'self insure' (replace out of school funds) further stretching strained resources.

We can also insure whiteboards, projectors, digital cameras and peripherals as part of our policy, covering all your IT insurance needs.

What is covered?

  • CompuCover covers laptops, desktops and peripherals for 'All Risks' insurance against theft and accidental damage including when stolen from a locked car boot.
  • The insured is covered anywhere in the world including whilst travelling.
  • In the case of an individual policy immediate family members are insured to use the equipment.
  • Pupils, students and staff are covered in schools/universities, when travelling and at home.
  • Educational establishments can be confident that all pupils, teachers and staff members are insured.

To find out more about any of these services please contact our education team on 0844 412 4552 or email

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