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Dash Cam Buying Guide

So what exactly is a dash cam?

An in-car dashboard camera (dash cam) is a small recording device that you place in your vehicle. They are usually attached to your windscreen via a suction cup but can only be mounted to the dashboard. Most dash cams are similar in size to a sat nav but you can go even smaller if you don't want a screen.

See our Dash Cam range here.

Got it!  But why do I need one?

Your Personal Witness

Picture your own personal driving witness, constantly with you on the roads, ready to provide vital and irrefutable evidence should you have an incident. That's exactly what a dash cam offers.

If you have a crash and it wasn't your fault, how do you prove you're not responsible if the other person denies any wrong doing? A dash cam can capture the whole event and give you the evidence you need so those responsible are brought to justice.

Beat Cash-for-Crash Schemes

Have you ever heard of crash-for-cash schemes? It's likely you have but, if not, it's where a person deliberately causes a crash and tries to blame you for the damage caused.

They will either try to take you to court, claiming everything possible, or attempt to settle the issue privately by demanding money from you. These fraudsters will often have others involved or on the scene to provide false evidence and pin the blame firmly on you.

These schemes are thought to cost around £400million a year in the UK with 1 in 7 of all personal injury claims linked to them.

Don't want to be a victim of this? A dash cam can help.

Insurance Discounts

Many car insurance providers are now considering offering a discount on your insurance if you drive with a dash cam!

You're almost guaranteed to win the case if you have a dash cam that proves you're not to blame and this can mean your insurance provider won't need to pay anything out.

This means keeping hold of your no claims bonus. A no-claims bonus can reduce your car insurance by up to 90% over the years so it's not something you want to lose.

These sound useful - how do they work?

Installation and set-up

quick and easy installation

Most dash cams are easy to install
and simply need attaching to your windscreen via suction cup. You'll then need to plug them in to your car's cigarette lighter port using the adapter provided, and that's about it!

All of our dash cams have screens and buttons built in so you can change settings and activate the features you need.

Our dash cams save your footage so a Micro SD card which isn't provided, but you can pick one up here. Your footage is recorded in loops and the duration of these can be changed by you in the settings. When the Micro SD card is full the dash cam will begin to record over previous loops automatically.

What if I'm parked?

motion detection

The integrated motion sensors built into all of our dash cams will automatically record anything that moves across the field of view. This is useful when you're waiting at traffic lights, which is a common time for crash-for-cash fraudsters to reverse into you and suggest you didn't brake enough when approaching the lights.

If you connect the dash cam to a power bank you can even leave it to watch over your vehicle at night when the engine is no longer providing power. Have you ever woken up to a missing wing mirror or scrape? A dash cam can help you to find the culprit and save you money!

What if the dash cam has captured something important?

g-sensor technology

All of our dash cams have integrated G-sensors which recognise when you've been in a collision, had to steer aggressively or brake suddenly. The footage recording during these events is securely saved and won't be overwritten by the dash cam.

night vision

What if I drive at night a lot?

Our dash cams have built in night vision meaning they can still capture clear footage even when driving in poor light conditions. We consider this to be an essential feature as driving at night can often be more risky than during the day.

How good is the footage quality?

full HD recording

All footage is recorded in either full HD or 2K, which guarantees crisp and clear footage. This can be essential for your evidence as a blurred number plate or driver appearance can result in a failed claim.

It's also perfect if you're on a scenic drive and just want to capture the views in HD.

stills camera mode

Can they take photos?

All of our dash cams have the ability to take photographs. This is particularly useful if you're involved in an incident as you can exit the car and, if safe, photograph the scene and damage to your vehicle for further evidence in court.


Compare the range





Recording View
Screen Size
Night Vision yes yes yes yes yes
G Sensor yes yes yes yes yes
Motion Sensor yes yes yes yes yes
Auto Start On Ignition yes yes yes yes yes
Mic yes yes yes yes yes
SD Card Port yes yes yes yes yes
HDMI Port yes yes yes yes yes
GPS Tracking yes yes yes yes yes
Instant playback yes yes yes yes yes
Ambarella Processor yes yes yes yes yes
Camera MP
Frames Per Second
See this dash cam. See this dash cam. See this dash cam. See this dash cam. See this dash cam.

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