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Why you should protect your home with CCTV


As many as 1 in 10 households now own or know someone who has CCTV installed on their property. It is the most effective form of crime prevention and is now common place amongst many homes in the UK. It has proven to be effective for protecting your family, home and car.

Did you know that houses with CCTV are 90% less likely to be burgled?

It's simple really, if a burglar had to choose between a row of houses and one of them has CCTV which one do you think would be the safest? No one seems to acknowledge burglar alarms anymore with one going off every month due to a cat brushing against a window, with CCTV you have visible protection as well as a secure recording to capture anyone who comes near your home, it's the perfect deterrent and evidence all in one.

CCTV is easy to install!

That's right, pretty much anyone can install their own CCTV! We have a number of CCTV guides available to help you choose the right CCTV system for you and how the cables fit together. We also have a dedicated support team ready to give you any advice you need to get your home or business protected.

Did you know that burglaries have increased in the UK by 5%?

It's an unfortunate truth that a recession is followed by an increase in crime as many people struggle to make ends meet. The statistics below outline an increase in burglary of nearly 5% - this may not sound a lot but when you consider the figures involved this can add up to an increase in thousands of burglaries each year. Most people will have a friend or family member who has experienced a burglary or car damage in the last 3 months.

Did you know you can view your CCTV while away on holiday or business?

That's right, you can check back on your home using your iPhone or any computer with an internet connection - all password protected so only you can view the cameras. We have a free guide available on how to set up remote CCTV here


What will my neighbours think?

You'll be using CCTV to point at your own property, it's for personal use to protect everything you own. Your neighbours will even be thankful when you show them how easy to set up and use CCTV is and the protection it offers. You might even be able to get discounts on your home insurance.

How you can help reduce crime and protect your family and property

Installing CCTV is cost effective and the most comprehensive way of protecting your family, home and car. You will also help to reduce crime in your local areas as criminals become even more aware of the growing presence of personal CCTV.

CCTV is affordable for everyone

From as little as a £100 you can install a camera on your house and record the day's events. If you fancy a chat about the best way to protect your home why not call one of our advisers on 0871 971 0732 or visit

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