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Acronis Backup Advanced for PC v11.5 incl. AAS ESD PCANLSENS71

Quickfind: 870710 SKU: PCANLSENS71

Product Information

Keep your employees' work safe! Acronis Backup Advanced for PC is the leading solution for protecting all of your company's desktops and laptops - either on site, or on the road. With Acronis, your data is completely protected from hardware failures, viruses, malware, accidental deletions, and data corruption.

Powered by Acronis AnyData technology, this product leverages Acronis' efficient disk imaging to provide the fastest, least disruptive backups and most flexible recovery options available. Back up your PCs frequently throughout the day without interrupting workflows or productivity. When disaster strikes is easily recover individual files, specific folders, corrupted disks, or an entire workstation in minutes.

Acronis Secure Zone is a special protected partition on your hard disk that is used to store backups. This enables instant restore of a corrupt system from the same machine.

Acronis Startup Recovery Manager enables a user to recover their own PC by pressing F11 to boot from the Acronis Secure Zone backup copy.

Quickly restore only what you need! Recover granular files, folders, disks, or an entire workstation - all from the same backup.

Recover your PC in minutes - either to the same machine or an entirely PC. Acronis universal restore can install your backup image on a replacement drive in the original PC, or boot a PC and install the image with additional allowances to install device drivers supporting the hardware configuration.