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Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T USB 2.0 Digital Tuner 294

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  • Digital TV offers sharper pictures and clearer sound
  • Record digital TV programmes to disk in MPEG-2 format
  • Play files back on your PC screen or record to CD/DVD
  • Pause digital TV with instant replay
  • Listen to digital stereo radio
  • USB2.0 plug and play for easy installation
  • No external power required
  • Please check the availability of digital TV in your area before ordering!
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Product Information

Turn your PC into a high quality digital TV receiver with the Nova-T USB2.0 terrestrial DVB-T TV stick. Complete with portable digital antenna and easy to install software the Nova-T allows you to watch, record, pause and replay live digital TV, anytime, anywhere. With no external power required and uncompromised digital quality this is the perfect entertainment accessory for at home and on the move.

  • Digital TV offers sharper pictures and clearer sound
  • Record digital TV programmes to disk in MPEG-2 format
  • Play files back on your PC screen or record to CD/DVD
  • Pause digital TV with instant replay
  • Listen to digital stereo radio
  • USB2.0 plug and play for easy installation
  • No external power required
  • Please check the availability of digital TV in your area before ordering!

Questions & Answers

Question from Graeme: Asked on 15/01/2012 I want to attach the tuner to a fixed aerial outlet in the wall. However, the receptor in the wall and the receptor in the tuner are both female. All my connector leads have male at one end and female at the other. Do I just need to buy a connector lead with a male thing at both ends please? I'm confused.

Answer from paul You would need to purchase a new ariel lead.

Question from Dad: Asked on 23/05/2011 will this work with windows 7 64-bit

Answer from jonathan Yes this will work with Windows 7 64 bit

Question from Stan-G: Asked on 14/02/2011 Is this product compatable with Windows 7, or is there an alternative product available?

Answer from simon Yes

Question from psg: Asked on 19/09/2009 how long is the cable that connects the supplied aerial to the usb receiver?

Answer from SteveF Its around a metre.

Question from bobz: Asked on 14/06/2009 Hi,is there any provided software and could you use this on the move

Answer from SteveF Yes to both of those although you'll need somewhere to put the aerial if used on the move.

Question from joy p: Asked on 23/02/2009 Hi. Does this work on the Acer Aspire One, Linux o/s.
Thanks for now

Answer from dave No

Question from ben in the butt: Asked on 07/02/2009 will this work with Acer Aspire 2920Z Gemstone Laptop

Answer from david s yes

Question from mark: Asked on 20/01/2009 why do i need TV license at my main residence to legally use this TV tuner, even tho i dont have a tv set or radio.

Answer from SteveF If you plug that into your laptop and receive TV channels then it is classed as a TV, even though it can do other things so if you don't have a TV license, you will need to get one. If you need confirmation please give your local TV licensing office a call and I'm sure they'll be happy to explain.

Question from Tomm: Asked on 15/01/2009 would a asus g2sg work with one of these?

Answer from SteveF As long as its got a USB port, then yes.

Question from Tim: Asked on 07/01/2009 Hi, will this work if plugged into an external analogue roof aerial or does it need a digital external aerial?

Answer from SteveF Its a digital tuner so will need the equivalent aerial. It comes with a portable digital aerial but will benefit from buying either an internal or external aerial.

Question from Lewis: Asked on 02/01/2009 Where you say this is "digital", will this mean that when the digital switchover happens this will still be able to work?
Also, what programme do you need to then watch tv on the laptop? Anything thats free?
And a cheeky question, you are stating this very good deal of half price, any idea when that offer may end?

Answer from david s time scale of offer i dont know, but yes when switch over happens you will be fine

Question from mayes8384: Asked on 01/01/2009 I am in Episkopi Cyprus and can not recieve any programes, is there anything I can do to the settings so it will allow me to recieve over here?

Answer from SteveF Sorry, the Tv tuner is for British freeview and is built to pick up those channels. It will not work in any other country.

Question from john: Asked on 28/11/2008 will it work on vista home basics

Answer from david s yes

Question from Andy: Asked on 30/09/2008 if i got a acer travel mate 6292 can i use this ?

can it be used in any LAPTOP ?

Answer from SteveF Yes and any new laptop would be able to use this accessory.

Question from Steve-M: Asked on 23/09/2008 Hi, would a boosted portable antenna make any difference to the picture quality compared to the supplied antenna/.

Answer from SteveF It should do although it also depends on the strength of signal you pick up in your area.

Question from Malik: Asked on 22/09/2008 Just wanna ask that is it compatible with Mac Book or not?

Answer from peterh Yes, using EyeTV software on the mac.

Question from anthony-g: Asked on 20/09/2008 I am an ex-pat living in Cyprus, and have an ACER ASPIRE 9301 LAPTOP. What channels would I be able to access and would I need any other equipment to use this?

Answer from Easycom Unless you have coverage of British Digital TV in Cyprus then the product won't work. You need to use it in England.

Question from welsh--snake--666: Asked on 02/09/2008 will this work with an eee pc?

Answer from Easycom Yes it will.

Question from ryedubs: Asked on 27/08/2008 i have a hp m7000 desktop, that has a (analogue) tv tuner in the xp media centre, will i be able to watch the digital channles through this, or will i have to watch them over the software provided? where can i get the xp drivers? Can i record one channel and watch another or do multiple recording etc?
I am ordering an aspire 7520, will it work with this too?

Answer from Easycom This USB Tuner is Media Centre compatible :-) All drivers are supplied but more can be downloaded from the site. You can watch the same channel as you are recording, but it is only a single tuner so can not stream two channels at once. It will work great with the 7520.

Question from Jonny: Asked on 21/08/2008 Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T USB 2.0 Digital Tuner - 2940: Do I have to be connected to the net when using?


Answer from Easycom No you dont need any internet connection.

Question from Lauren: Asked on 16/08/2008 Does this come with a remote control and if not is it compatible with any? Also does it have an EPG?

Answer from Easycom No remote unfortunately but an EPG should be available as long as you can get the laptop on the net.

Question from ~Lucifer: Asked on 08/08/2008 Hi, Im planning on buying the Asus Eee PC 1000 Windows XP, will the digital tv tuner work with this laptop?

Answer from Easycom Yes, a TV tuner will work with this model.

Question from nomi: Asked on 07/08/2008 Will this be compatable with my HP Pavilion dv6500?

Answer from Easycom Yes.

Question from stu: Asked on 06/08/2008 "this tuner will work with any laptop which meets the minimum specification" And they are?

Answer from Easycom Yes, any laptop that meets minimum spec - which is: 1.2GHz, XP or Vista, Graphics with at least 64MB, USB2.0, CD Drive (for installation)

Question from Andy M: Asked on 02/08/2008 I work in Saudi Arabia and have satellite tv decoded centrally and piped through to the aerial socket/tv in my house. If I were to plug in this device would it pick up the channels?

Answer from Easycom I dont know, sorry.

Question from technophobe: Asked on 30/07/2008 Will this work with a DELL INSPIRON 9200?

Answer from Easycom Yes it would - XP drivers are available.

Question from crazy: Asked on 06/07/2008 does the quality depend on the speed of my computer ?

Answer from Easycom Not unless it's really old and slow.

Question from NP: Asked on 18/05/2008 Is the tuner compatible with any version of vista?

Answer from Easycom Yes.

Question from Georgie: Asked on 19/04/2008 If I am in halls with hold a commercial TV license, will I need an individual license to legally use this product?

Answer from Easycom Your hall probably has a licence covering TVs in communal areas but this won't cover a TV in your room. So if you're planning to watch TV in your room, you will need an individual licence.

Question from sonny: Asked on 03/04/2008 will this work with the acer aspire 5920. also do i need to buy some kind of video card or something or will i just plug it in and it will automatically work

Answer from Easycom This will work fine with the 5920 - It just plugs in to the USB port and does not need additional hardware.

Question from JimmyJimBob: Asked on 27/03/2008 Why is this much cheaper than the Hauppauge Win TV HVR 900 Digital & Analogue

Answer from Easycom Hauppauge Win TV HVR 900 recieves both analodue and Digital channels where Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T is only for digital channels and also Hauppauge Win TV HVR 900 comes with an an DVB-T antenna for mobile usage.

Question from Sontaran: Asked on 16/12/2007 I have an Acer Aspire 5630. I have had problems with the Freeview signal in my area. A previous TV-stick we bought failed to find any channels except when connected to our rooftop aerial - however, it also crashed my laptop very badly, so it may have had a problem itself. Would you recommend this device for me?

Answer from Easycom If it is your area that struggles to receive Freeview then any device will struggle to pick up channels. This device will pick up channels available in the area, however for an improved picture we would recommend connecting to an external aerial.

Question from pjm: Asked on 14/12/2007 is this fully compatible with the acer 5920 Acer Arcade software?

Answer from Easycom It will be fine all you need is a USB port.

Question from Ryan: Asked on 09/12/2007 how good is the aerial that comes with it

Answer from Easycom The ariel will produce a reasonable picture depending on the signal strength, however for improved performance a fixed or portable ariel would be recommended.

Question from Luke fieldwalker: Asked on 15/11/2007 Does this product come with a remote control

Answer from Easycom No it doesn't come with a remote control.

Question from David: Asked on 26/10/2007 Is is possible to interface this to my Sky box in order to view all Sky channels on my laptop??

Answer from Easycom This allows the connection of an RF aerial into the device, so if your Sky box can connect through an RF Aerial instead of a scart then yes. If you cannot connect this through tan RF aerial then it wouldn't be possible.

Question from Alex: Asked on 23/10/2007 Hi

I have an Acer Aspire 1640 series laptop. Can you tell me if this will deliver a good quality picture and the freeview channels? I don't know very much about laptops but my laptop has three usb ports so would I just plug into a usb or do I need to install drivers, etc - i.e. is it easy to install and set up? Would I need another ariel or is there one included - I have checked Freeview site and I seem to be able to receive it? Any guarantees with product?

Answer from Easycom This will allow you to receive freeview channels and is very easy to set up just plug into a free USB port.

For a better quality picture we recommend connecting a fixed or portable ariel

Question from mirco: Asked on 18/09/2007 Does it work on Apple computers??

Answer from Easycom Possibly, using EyeTV software.

Question from Yaman: Asked on 17/09/2007 Will this work with my desktop computer as i dont have a laptop?

Answer from Easycom This TV Tunner will work with any PC as long as it has a USB2 port

Question from help: Asked on 14/09/2007 which of these 2 TV tuners is better?

Answer from Easycom these are both very good products, difference is that the 294 has one aerial signal comming in and is only digital, and the 246 has two inputs which gives you 2 signals analogue and digital which gives a higher signal for more information please contact the sales team

Question from help2: Asked on 20/08/2007 going to uni, do i need a separate tv licence for this, i.e is it powered solely by its own internal batteries? Also does a laptop have to have anything specific for Tv to be recieved?

Answer from Easycom You require a TV license at your main residence to legally use this TV tuner. However this tuner will work with any laptop which meets the minimum specification.

Question from ba: Asked on 19/08/2007 hi im thinkin of purchasing this 2 use with my laptop at uni my question is would i need 2 purchase a TV Licence aswel?

Answer from Easycom You require a TV license at your main residence to legally use this TV tuner so if your moving into halls you will need to get a TV license.

Question from mcledge: Asked on 18/08/2007 Do you need a tv license for use if you are going to use it in halls at uni if u have no tv or tv license at uni?

Answer from Easycom You require a TV license at your main residence to legally use this TV tuner.

Question from chris: Asked on 18/08/2007 Is this compatible with windows xp, does it come with a portable ariel and where can i find a list of the channels i can access with it?

Answer from Easycom This TV tuner can be used with XP and can receive all of the FreeView digital channels.

Question from skule-not-cule: Asked on 17/08/2007 If i don't have a TV - will I still need to pay a license?

Answer from Easycom You require a TV license at your main residence to legally use this TV tuner.

Question from chris: Asked on 15/08/2007 i have cable tv, can i input the male socket of the cable wire in the back of the tuner?

Answer from Easycom No you cannot put the cable cable into the tuner you could plug an aerial cable into this TV Tunner

Question from Oliver: Asked on 14/08/2007 I'm buying the HP6715B (aka the GB837ET) will it work with that. thanks

Answer from Easycom Yes it will

Question from george: Asked on 14/08/2007 Is this tuner fully compatible with the Media Centre function within Windows Vista Premium?

Answer from Easycom Yes it is

Question from taf: Asked on 13/08/2007 does it work with any pc?

Answer from Easycom Any PC with a USB 2.0 port.

Question from april: Asked on 08/08/2007 does this work with an HP DV6342 and what channels does it get

Answer from Easycom Yes and gets all freeview channels.

Question from steveano: Asked on 06/08/2007 Do you have to pay for a seporate TV licence than the one for your house

Answer from Easycom If you have a TV license you do not require an additional license for mobile use.

Question from mrs: Asked on 03/08/2007 so will you have to buy a seperate ariel or does it come with?

Answer from Easycom It comes with an aerial.

Question from Ag: Asked on 02/08/2007 do I need to have digital tv already arranged at home or can I pick up channels from the laptop directly?

Answer from Easycom You pick up channels through the tuner.

Question from help: Asked on 26/07/2007 can you watch all the channels in different countries like italy

Answer from Easycom The tuner will work in any country which uses the same TV standards as the UK

Question from sam: Asked on 01/07/2007 Will i need any additional hardware for this to connect to? because it looks kind of small to pick up digital tv channels like my normal ariel does

Answer from Easycom The TV tuner can work as pictured though you will get better reception with a fixed or portable aerial.

Question from Christine Nicholson: Asked on 26/06/2007 I want to buy an Asus A7 notebook which has a built in digital tv tuner. Do I need this too?

Answer from Easycom No, the built in tuner in the A7 is all you need to receive and view TV channels.

Question from silverspoon: Asked on 24/06/2007 hi, correct me if im mistaken but it seems to have a tv ariel jack in the back of it. does it need to pe plugged into an ariel to work?

Answer from Easycom You will get better picture quality if you use an additional aerial either fixed or mobile.

Question from Hannibal King: Asked on 18/06/2007 What are the channels that come with this?

Answer from Easycom The TV tuner allows you to view any of the Freeview digital channels.

Question from bigshoe56: Asked on 12/06/2007 Can I watch my home my cable channels with it?

Answer from Easycom Yes

Question from cammy989: Asked on 21/05/2007 will this work with the acer aspire 5100?

Answer from Easycom Yes it will

Question from Norman Benn: Asked on 28/03/2007 Does this work with Vista Home Premium
Do I need a freeview box or any other hardware/software to receive live TV

Answer from Easycom It will work with Vista, and you wont need a Freeview box as this does the same thing and more.