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MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 - Electronic Software Download - 717832
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MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 - Electronic Software Download

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Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 - Electronic Software Download Product Description

Your daughter's first concert with her band,the "yes!" that follows the big question,or videos of your trip to Mount Everest - make sure that your videos sound just as good as they look. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab 2014 provides demanding video enthusiasts with a wide range of options for optimizing video sound using the cleaning and mastering agents. Unwanted sections can be easily removed,even without previous experience. Additional sound effects and audio commentary can make your favorite videos stand out from the crowd.

Preview Function
You can check which effects are the best for dealing with your noise problems before committing to a particular one
Noise Filter Presets
More than 150 presets are included to help you remove common noises from your video, including wind, traffic noise, electrical hum, and more
Cleaning and Mastering Agents
You choose whether to have these utilities clean your software automatically or step-by-step for more control
Optimized Visualization
Choose the visualization that works for the task at hand
The Info Box
The Info Box provides tips and tricks for editing your recordings. All the effects and their corresponding functions are explained, helping save you time when familiarizing yourself with the program
Clipping Prevention and Removal
When digital audio levels go over the 0 dB limit they "clip", leading to unusable noise. To prevent or remove clipping Video Sound Cleaning Lab offers tools like the limiter and the DeClipper
Speech Enhancement
Loud popping sounds and hissing sibilants can have a negative impact on the presentation of your videos. Tools provided by Video Sound Cleaning Lab can help you remove many of these sounds in post - for those times when the audio capture in the field was sub-optimal
In-Camera Noise Removal
The mechanical components of many camcorders can generate a "hissing" noise which is then picked up by the internal microphone or a camera-mounted microphone. Specially developed tools and presets help you remove camera noise and restore the audio tracks in your videos
Wind-Noise Reduction
With the click of a button Video Sound Cleaning Lab applies a dedicated algorithm to reduce or eliminate wind noise from footage recorded outdoors
Hum Elimination
Designed to remove the kind of hum you get, for example, from a speaker plugged into an amplifier that isn't properly grounded
Touch Optimization
The user interface includes numerous touch elements for tactile operation on computer and tablets that have touch screen controls
Video Sound Optimizer
The Video Sound Optimizer automatically calculates optimal sound settings based on analysis of the audio material. Sound distortion due to the room acoustics, difficult to understand speech or annoying background, wind and rumbling noise - the Video Sound Optimizer will seek out a solution. Plus you can apply it to speech or use it to optimize music tracks -letting the software apply algorithms that do the mixing for you
Audio Effects
Use the various reverb effects to simulate different rooms, e.g. make that big "yes" even more romantic by applying the reverb from an Italian cathedral for a wedding scene
Preview Monitor
Plays the associated video clip along with the audio you are working on so you can access whether the sound track fits or to ensure audio and video are in sync
Overview Track
It can often be difficult to keep track of large and complex video projects. All of the various areas that have to be individually edited can make the work tedious and hard to follow. The Overview Track comes in - it is designed to make it easy navigating long audio tracks and jumping to different positions in the project while staying on top of where you are
Interoperability with Other Software
You can transfer projects directly to-and-from Video Sound Cleaning Lab and other MAGIX applications, such as Movie Edit Pro. Additionally, you can import and export video and audio files in many popular codecs for use in third party applications

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