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Kingston memory - 1 GB - SO DIMM 200-pin - DDR2 - M12864F50

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Kingston memory - 1 GB - SO DIMM 200-pin - DDR2
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Kingston Laptop Memory

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Kingston is the world's largest independent memory manufacturer. In today's performance-driven environment, memory upgrades provide an easy, economical alternative to increase system performance. Every memory product Kingston offers is designed to help you get maximum performance at the best price to you.¤¤This memory is designed for the following systems:¤¤Gateway CX210S;¤¤Gateway CX210X;¤¤Gateway M465-E;¤¤Gateway M685-E;¤¤Gateway ML3706;¤¤Gateway ML6703;¤¤Gateway MP6954 Platinum Edition;¤¤Gateway MT6451;¤¤Gateway MT6456;¤¤Gateway MT6704;¤¤Gateway MT6821;¤¤Gateway MT6828;¤¤Gateway MX6708;¤¤Gateway MX6710;¤¤Gateway MX6750;¤¤Gateway MX6912;¤¤Gateway MX6930;¤¤Gateway MX6930h;¤¤Gateway MX6955;¤¤Gateway MX6959;¤¤Gateway NX100X;¤¤Gateway NX260X;¤¤Gateway NX510S;¤¤Gateway NX510X;¤¤Gateway NX560X;¤¤Gateway NX560XL;¤¤Gateway NX570S;¤¤Gateway NX570X;¤¤Gateway NX570XL;¤¤Gateway NX860S;¤¤Gateway NX860X;¤¤Gateway NX860XL;¤¤Gateway S-7510N;¤¤LG Electronics A1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics C1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics F1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics K2 Pro Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics LW25 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics M1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics P1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics R1 Pro Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics S1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics T1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics V1 Express Dual;¤¤LG Electronics W1 Pro Express Dual;¤¤Packard Bell EasyNote BU45;¤¤Packard Bell EasyNote GN45;¤¤Samsung NP-M55 T001;¤¤Samsung NP-Q35 C002;¤¤Samsung NP-Q35 C004;¤¤Samsung NP-R40 K002;¤¤Samsung NP-R55;¤¤Samsung NP-R65 CV02;¤¤Samsung NP-R65 T000;¤¤Samsung NP-X11 CV01;¤¤Samsung NP-X11 CV02;¤¤Samsung NP-X11 T000;¤¤Samsung P50 Series;¤¤Samsung P60 Series T2600 Taspra;¤¤Samsung Q35;¤¤Samsung R55 Pro T5500 Bellingi;¤¤Samsung R65 Series;¤¤Samsung X11;¤¤Samsung X60 Series;¤¤Sony VAIO VGC-LA38G;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR11B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR11M;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR11S;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR18GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR21B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR21M;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR21S;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR25GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR28GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR31E;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR31M;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR31S;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR320E;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR38G;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-AR390E;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-BX394VP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-BX396VP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-BX396XP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-BX397XP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C13GH;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C140G/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C150P/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C15GPB;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C15GPW;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C190P/H;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C21GH/W;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-C25G/G;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE24SP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE25GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE28GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE35GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE38GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE41E;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE45G/W;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE48G/H;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE870E/H;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE880E/H;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-FE890N/H;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-N11M/W;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-N11S/W;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-N19VP/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1HP/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1HRP/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1M/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1VP/C;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1XP/C;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1XRP/C;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ25GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ28GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2HP/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2HRP/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2M/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2VP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2VP/X;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2XP/C;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2XRP/C;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ32CP/GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ34GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ38GP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ43GN/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-SZ48GN/C;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-TX3HP/W;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP/B;¤¤Sony VAIO VGN-TX3XP/L;¤¤WinBook T200 Series T230.

  • Other Product Codes for this item:
  • M-12864F50
  • 12864F50
  • M12864F5
  • M12864F
  • M12864

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