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Home automation (or smart home technology) might sound a little scary and futuristic, but it’s incredibly useful and ready to improve your home today!

Smart home products are designed to make your life easier in a variety of different ways, offering convenient solutions for almost every room in your home. Quite simply, you can control your home from your phone!

Turn electrical appliances on and off with a tap, set schedules for your lighting and control your heating when away so you don’t come home to a cold, dark house. Stay on top of those energy bills and give your home more security with home automation.





Smart Plugs are a fantastic addition to your bedroom tech. If you’ve left the lamp on, or maybe those hair straighteners, you can quickly check and turn them off using just your smartphone! Perhaps you’re out for the evening but want to create the appearance of being home to put off any opportunist burglars. Flick on the lamp from your phone for a few hours and enjoy peace of mind whilst out! If you have kids that stay up too late watching TV you can turn it off using your phone when its bedtime, making those early mornings easier.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep in a cold bedroom! These Smart Heating solutions allow you to turn the heat up in your room before heading up, so you’ve got a nice cosy room to rest your head. Been on holiday? Late flight home? Fire those radiators up on your way home and reduce those holiday blues a little. You can set timers and schedules so the room is warm for you when you’re home and you’re not wasting heat and energy when away, saving you money!

Set the mood in your bedroom with our range of Smart Lighting. Adjust the colour and brightness of your light to suit your mood, just by using your phone! Set schedules so you don’t have to come home to dark rooms and create the appearance of being home when you’re not to improve the security of your home. You can even use wakeup modes that slowly illuminate the room to gently wake you up and give the effect of a natural sunrise.




Control the power to all of your different living room gadgets from your smartphone! When you’re ready to settle down and watch a film you can hit the lights for a cinematic effect without leaving the sofa! (Maybe even turn them back on if it’s a scary film)Perhaps you just want to leave a light on when you’re out so passers-by will think you’re home, do it quickly and easily with a few taps on your smartphone.

Nobody wants to come home from work to a cold home, and having the heating on all day isn’t cheap, so what do you do? Smart heating lets you choose which rooms, and specific radiators, you want to heat up, and you can even set schedules.Save money during the day and enjoy a cosy warm home when you’re there, all from your smartphone! Stuck in traffic? Perhaps your meeting is running late, either way you can quickly adjust your heating schedules to ensure you’re not wasting money heating an empty home.

Watch, record, edit, pause and enjoy digital live on your computer or USB device from the comfort of, well anywhere in the house!Into gaming? Gaming capture cards allow you to record and stream your best in game moments so you can show off your abilities.




Make your kitchen go to work whilst you sleep. Smart metering plugs can work with your coffee machine to have your fresh coffee ready as you wake. Receive warnings if you’ve left the fridge open and check on the power consumption of your appliances to be more energy efficient.

Whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday: smart smoke detectors can immediately notify you of any smoke in your home. Link your smoke detector to your other smart devices so, if the alarm sounds, your lights turn on for maximum safety.

Check in on your pets whilst you’re away or in another room to make sure they’re behaving! Or position the camera in view of the door and receive alerts if any movement or noise is detected.




See and hear every detail in high quality with our range of smart cameras and monitors. Receive alerts and notification if movement or sounds are detected and even talk through the camera to a pet if it’s misbehaving! Auto face recognition can even let you know when your children or partner have come home.

Set timers and schedules for your lights to come on when you’re away at work, or on holiday, to create the appearance of someone being home. If your smart camera detects movement or sound you can turn lights on remotely to put off any potential burglars.

Whether you’re at home, at work or on holiday: smart smoke detectors can immediately notify you of any smoke in your home. Link your smoke detector to your other smart devices so, if the alarm sounds, your lights turn on for maximum safety.