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Veho T2 Hybrid Super Padded Bag with Rucksack / Backpack Option
£34.99 Only £26.97
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  • *Please note that this product doesn't include the Apple Lightning connector*
  • Will charge most popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPod,Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Gaming and USB charged devices
  • Mini credit card sized portable design with included neoprene carry case. Perfect for handbag or pocket (8.5cm x 6cm x 1cm)
  • Auto shut-off mode to protect against short circuit,over-current,over-charging,and over-discharging
  • Powerful 3000Mah portable battery charger (up to 1000 iPhone extra standby hours or 90 hrs extra music playback)
£21.97 Only £9.97
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SAVE 43%
Veho Kasa Bluetooth Smart Lighting LED Screw Cap E27 Bulb
  • Low energy cost efficient LED adaptive lighting with 15 year life expectancy
  • Control up to 32 units automatically or by the touch of an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Dimmable app controlled adaptive lighting with 16 million colours to choose from
  • 24/7, 365 day app scheduling to automatically control your home lighting environment
  • Kasa scheduling countdown feature allows you to automatically turn off lights at night time or when you are leaving the home
£34.99 Only £19.97
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Veho Muvi X-Drone Propeller Guards Set of 4
  • Compatible with the Muvi X-Drone series
  • Gives you an additional element of safety and helps you fly confidently
  • Provide your propellers with extra protection
  • Help to prevent damage in a collision
  • Pack includes four propeller guards, one for each motor arm
£21.97 Only £19.95
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SAVE 40%
Veho Noise Isolating Stereo Earphones with Flat Flex Anti Tangle Cord - White
£9.95 Only £5.97
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SAVE 58%
Veho Z-8 Designer Headphones with Flex Cable
  • Compatible with all devices such as MP3 players, iPhone, iPad, laptops which use a standard 3.5mm output jack
  • 40mm noise isolating technology with super soft leather ear pads & adjustable headband for ultimate comfort
  • Foldable design that comes with a 130cm Flex ‘anti’ tangle cord system, perfect for travel
  • Contemporary design with stylish brushed aluminium finish and debossed Veho logo
  • Ships with a protective carry case to keep your headphones and Flex cable protected
£79.95 Only £33.97
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SAVE 61%
Veho Portable 360 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Compatible with all wireless Bluetooth devices (iPhones, Phones, Smartphones, Laptops, Netbooks, Bluetooth dongles)
  • Ultra Small and portable with stereo BIG sound
  • Built in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery giving up to 5 hours of constant playback
  • Line in port and cable for use with non-Bluetooth devices
  • micro SD slot to play music direct from source
£66.97 Only £25.97
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SAVE 36%
Veho VSS-012-M6 360 M-6 Mode Retro Powerful Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone and Track Control
  • Connects with smartphones, tablets, MP3 player or any other Bluetooth device
  • 1800 mAh battery for up to 8 hours playback time
  • Built in microphone for making or taking handsfree phone calls with automated music interrupt
  • Dual acoustic drivers coupled with two powerful speakers to give a wide audio spectrum
£69.95 Only £44.97
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SAVE 36%
  • Fully adjustable body/chest harness for mounting MUVI HD
  • Includes MUVI HD holder & tripod mount
  • Fully adjustable viewing angle
  • Compatible with MUVI HD Range and MUVI Micro (Handlebar Mount Required)
£27.95 Only £17.97
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SAVE 57%
  • Fully adjustable bar/pole mount with 3.3cm x 3.3cm diameter
  • Perfect for all parts of bike, car roll bars, boat rigging
  • Ships with MUVI™ Waterproof case tripod mount
  • Compatible with MUVI™ HD Range and MUVI™ Micro (Handlebar Mount Required)
£22.95 Only £9.97
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SAVE 20%
Veho NPNG Headphones
£29.95 Only £23.97
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SAVE 22%
Veho 360 Earphones with flex 'anti' tangle cord system - Orange
  • 3.5mm plug with Ni plate
  • 10mm Speaker with Bass Enhancement
  • Qube Noise Isolating Technology
  • Flex Anti Tangle Cord System
  • Sound Sensitivity: 105db +/- 3bd
£8.97 Only £6.97
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SAVE 30%
Veho ZS-2 Water Resistant Sports Earphones with Ear Hooks and Flex Anti Tangle Cable
  • Small, lightweight and designed for the active lifestyle
  • IP64 rating meaning the ZS-2s are protected from water, rain & sweat
  • 3.5mm AUX jack compatible will all standard line-in ports such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber earbud, ensuring they stay fitted perfectly in your ear during any vigorous workout
  • 10mm acoustic drivers with base enhancement and crisp sound.
£19.95 Only £13.97
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SAVE 23%
  • USB - UK Mains
  • Works on all Veho products
  • Works on new iPod and iPhone
£12.95 Only £9.97
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SAVE 46%
  • UK 3 pin USB adapter plug with 500mAh output
  • Supports all Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad products
  • Supports all USB charged devices such as Sat Nav, Camcorder, Camera, Smartphones etc.
  • Convert your USB Sync Cable into a Mains charger cable
£12.95 Only £6.97
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SAVE 35%
  • Multi Regional USB charger for Veho MUVI™, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry or any USB Charged device
  • Localistion adapters for UK, EU and USA
  • Input 100-240v AC : Output 5V 1000mAh
  • Safety Certified RoHS and CE Complia
£19.99 Only £12.97
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SAVE 33%
Veho Triple USB 5V 5.1a Car charger
  • Ensure all of your devices are fully charged when you arrive at your destination with the Veho 3 Port Car Charger.
  • Featuring not one, not two, but an impressive three USB ports for all of your in-car charging needs.
  • Not only can you charge 3 devices at the same time, but the VAA-010 Car Charger also features rapid charge technology.
  • Your smartphone can charge at super fast rates, possibly even faster than the supplied mains charger that came with your device.
£14.95 Only £9.97
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