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touch screen

Feel the future of technology now with a Touch Screen.

Touch Screen technology is no longer a dream of science-fiction films; itís the new reality of todayís communication and entertainment world. Now you can strip away your restrictive keyboard and mouse and interact directly with your media environment. With a Touch Screen laptop, desktop or monitor you can re-define hands-on computing.

Bring art and design back into your hands by drawing, sketching, painting and colouring directly onto your screen; with a Touch Screen your computer becomes your canvas. When youíre not creating, you can get to grips with your games in a more interactive way than ever before as Touch Screen technology puts you directly in the action. Whether youíre working or playing Touch Screen gives you the ultimate control over your digital life.

Windows 7 is on the horizon, and Microsoft have designed it with Touch Screen interaction at the fore; soon it will be the basis for all kinds of computer interaction. These new innovations will bring changes to the online landscape too, so youíll literally have the world at your fingertips.

Hold on tight and experience the future first-hand with Touch Screen technology.

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