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Warner Bros

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  • “An idealized reboot of the series – immediately familiar yet totally fresh.” – Digital Trends
  • “You haven’t needed food this badly since the 1980’s” – Gamespot
  • “Just the way fans would want it” - Destructoid
  • "Fans of the classic 80s game have nothing to worry about." - PrimaGames
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  • For the first time ever, battle with Batman and his allies in outer space and the various Lantern worlds including Zamaron and Odym.
  • Enter a virtual world to escape mazes, battle in arenas, and race to find the code.
  • With a simple press of a button, choose and upgrade select character’s suits and abilities.
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  • The Dark Knight Pack
  • Man of Steel Pack
  • Batman 75th Pack
  • Access to 3 additional DLC Packs
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  • Relive key moments from all four Jurassic films: An adventure 65 million years in the making - now in classic LEGO brick fun!
  • Wreak havoc as LEGO dinosaurs: Choose from 20 dinosaurs, including the friendly Triceratops, deadly Raptor, vicious Compy and even the mighty T. rex.
  • Populate and explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna: Put your unique dinosaur creations in to paddocks as you complete special Free Play missions.
  • Play with family and friends with easy access drop-in, drop-out gameplay option.
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  • Help save Earth as your favorite Marvel character with your super-cool strengths and abilities:
  • Iron Man flies, hovers, shoots missiles and unleashes a powerful unibeam directly from his chest.
  • Spider-Man shoots webs, uses his spider-senses to spot objects invisible to others, crawls up walls and, of course, web-slings.
  • Captain America throws his mighty shield at objects and enemies, embeds it into a wall to create a platform, and protects himself from damage.
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  • The Lord of the Hunt Story Pack
  • The Bright Lord Story Pack
  • Test of Power Challenge Mode
  • Test of Speed Challenge Mode
  • Test of Wisdom Challenge Mode
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Items 1-13 of 13
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Showing: 1 - 13 of 13
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