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Acronis Backup Advanced for Oracle VM v11.5 incl. AAS ESD V1ONLSENS71

Quickfind: 870738 SKU: V1ONLSENS71

Product Information

Acronis Backup Advanced for Oracle VM is the most efficient solution for protecting your Oracle VM environment. Powered by Acronis AnyData technology, this product leverages exclusive, high-performance disk imaging to provide the fastest backups and the most flexible, reliable recovery options in the industry.

Now you can quickly and easily recover individual files, application data, or a complete VM - all from the same backup. Acronis offer the flexibility of restoring data to its original location, or to an entirely one. You can even recover an Oracle VM to a completely different hypervisor platform!

Acronis Backup Advanced for Oracle VM is fully integrated with Oracle VM so that you can manage backups directly from your Oracle VM environment. Acronis also use block-level incremental backups to reduce the volume of backup data, ensuring that your VM backups are always fast and successful.

Acronis makes it easy for you to quickly recover any server as a VM, or simply clone a backup as a VM for development/testing.

Unlike other backup products, Acronis Backup Advanced for Oracle VM lets you back up directly to tape. In fact, you can make up to 4 additional backup copies to multiple locations (disk, tape, or cloud), thereby maximizing your recovery options and reliability.

Easily migrate a server between any physical and virtual platform with Acronis' proprietary Unified Backup Format. This technology lets you recover any backup to any server in any location.