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DigiHome 26 Inch HD Ready LCD TV - 26751
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DigiHome 26 Inch  HD Ready LCD TV

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The Digi-Home 26" LCD TV redefines the meaning of great value. With a stylish gloss black finish, integrated freeview tuner and a true High Definition HDMI input, you wont be able to find a better value TV anywhere else in the UK.
It will come as no surprise that stock is running out fast so ORDER TODAY to avoid disappointment.

  • 26inch Widescreen LCD Panel
  • 500 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 800:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1366x768 Screen Resolution
  • HD Ready
  • Integrated Freeview
  • Digital Progressive Scan
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x 8watt Integrated Stereo Speakers

  • 1 x RF
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 2 x Scart Connection
  • 1 x Composite In
  • 1 x Component In
  • 1 x S-Video In
  • 1 x Headphones Connection
  • 1 x PC Input - 15 Pin VGA

  • Dimensions W670xH537xD220 Inc Stand
  • Weight : TBA
  • Warranty : 1 Year Warranty
  • For wall mounting use only FL1, FT1, or FP1003.

Customer Questions and Answers

25/09/2010 DigiHomer: Issue with remote control. So we have bought a new universal remote but cannot find a specific code for it. Please can u send a code?

simon: Sorry don't have any codes you would have to contact the manufacturer of the universal remote you bought.

06/11/2007 hackett: if we were to purchase this tv and there was a problem with it would we have to pay to return it to you.also is it free delivery on this item.and can you plug a nintedo wii it to this tv if so what cable would you select.dont really understand hdmi etc.

Easycom: No we would collect the laptop from you. You would need a HDMI cable.

05/11/2007 Bush Cains Eye: Can i play 5 DVD players into this tv and watch them all at once?

Also, does this have picture in picture?

Easycom: You wouldn't be able to watch them all at once as there isn't a picture by picture or picture in picture feature on this television.

04/11/2007 alex: can i play ps3 on this and does it play non hd programmes as normal

Easycom: Yes to both.

30/10/2007 beano2: Hello is this a PAL TV or NTSC ??

Easycom: This is a PAL tv

28/10/2007 Nik: What type of stand does this tv come with? Glass ?

Easycom: what ever stand you want? All LCD TVs come with a pedestal stand, the bit screwed to the bottom

28/10/2007 shane: do you get anoyed at answering the same question over and over again?

Easycom: No, however it may be quicker for a user to check the feedback sections for answers rather than wait for a response from us as we may have already answered their questions.

25/10/2007 Smudger: I have just bought this TV from you, what kind of aerial is best to use with it?

Easycom: A standard RF aerial is suitable, however for better reception we would recommend a fixed aerial.

23/10/2007 Andrew: can I watch eastenders on this tele??

Easycom: Yes and any other program on terrestrial or freeview television.

22/10/2007 JT: Has this TV got a timer? (use in my bedroom)

Easycom: Yes.

18/10/2007 Danny G: Is there any guarnantee thats comes with the TV? and does it contain all the freeview channels

Easycom: 1 yeasr collect and return and it does come with freeview

18/10/2007 tomo: Is the Wall Bracket Fixing to a VESA Standard?

Easycom: you will need a universal multifit bracket FL1

18/10/2007 xbox360guy: Can i fully plug my xbox 360 into this tv and get a decent hd picture? or could you reccommend another tv for the best 360 hd gaming? (26-32 size)

Easycom: I would go for the Finlux as it has a higher contrast ratio

14/10/2007 omar: is this a digital tv not freeview

Easycom: Digital is freeview

14/10/2007 deb: how can i get a new remote for my digihome 32751 as mine has broke and havnt go a contact addess or phone number

Easycom: contact our customer services

10/10/2007 Alastair: on the conections list it says it has 1. 15 pin vga input, but in an earlier question about this the reply has said no is does not, which is true?

Easycom: it does have pc input

09/10/2007 Don: Is this TV Digital?

Easycom: yes

05/10/2007 nik: does this tv come with any sort of stand?

Easycom: yes

05/10/2007 Nik: Can this Tv Be connected to my computer using the normal D'Sub cable? so i can use it as a normal monitor?

Easycom: yes

04/10/2007 R Mc C: Does the item have tetetxt

Easycom: yes

02/10/2007 Alan: I would like to wall mount this TV and be able to put a playstation 3 below it and have the facility to store another item (e.g. DVD, video) below it also whilst mounted on the wall. Is this possible?

Easycom: that will depend on where YOU mount it. If you put it near the floor no. The higher you mount it the more room you will have below!!

21/09/2007 9adam4: can i plug my computer into this (VGA or DVI) because another comment says you cant and another one says you can , and it also shows pc input on the images? so is it yes or no?

Easycom: yes you can via VGA

19/09/2007 9adam4: Is this tv 1080i or is it 720p with 1080i compatible?

Easycom: if a tv is 720p it is also 1080i

17/09/2007 robert: Can i plug my xbox 360 in the hd input and my freeview in the normal scart and surround sound all at once?

Easycom: yes you can

13/09/2007 Mark: What is the pixel response rate? Does the freeview have 'now and next' EPG? Can you tell me the weight as I would like to find a suitable swing arm bracket for wall mounting. Do you sell such a bracket?

Easycom: repnse is8ms it doesn't have epg you will need a bracket with a minimum spacing of 400mm

11/09/2007 BDM: does the Tv have to be connected through a wall antena or will it work using a external antena ?

Easycom: Any antenae as long as you have a good signal

10/09/2007 BOB: does the remote come with battaries?

Easycom: yes

10/09/2007 Carl: What is the dimensions of this TV?

Easycom: dimensions are now on the web

06/09/2007 Jeff: how does this compare to more expensive tv's in terms of picture quality and sound?

Easycom: This TV is an entry-level unit but the image and sound are still high quality.

05/09/2007 steve: does this have teletext

Easycom: yes this tv has teletext

05/09/2007 stephen: does it scan the freeview to update as and when chanels are added or moved to a different chanel

Easycom: This TV has auto-programming and auto-scan facility.

03/09/2007 Neil:
1 PC Input - 15 Pin VGA

andy: can you link your pc to this tv ?

directtvs: The TV does not have a VGA or DVI input which are the most common methods of connecting to a TV. However there is a S-Video and a HDMI port which can be used to connect newer desktops and laptops.

which is correct? on one hand your saying is does and then ssaying it doesn't!?

Easycom: it does have a PC input

02/09/2007 Ian: What resoloutions can this TV display? 720i/p, 1080i/p?

Easycom: max 1080i

31/08/2007 AIMO. the emo: does this tele show all freeveiw channels? is the freeveiw feature free or do you have to pay extra?

Easycom: it shows all freeview. FREEview!

29/08/2007 Mark: I am torn between this TV and the Samsung white 23", as I already have a Samsung 40" How does this TV compare with the Samsung and if I was to buy this TV and and change my mind after receiving it would I be able to change it for the Samsung?

Easycom: you can change within 7 days

29/08/2007 Barbra: I have never heard of Digihome before, who are they, have you any info on them

Easycom: This brand is also sold in Tesco. Manufactured in Turkey

27/08/2007 Nigel: Does it have a card slot for the Freeview Setanta sports channel?

Easycom: no

26/08/2007 Jim: Is this TV classed as 1080p or is it technically a 720p?

Easycom: 720p / 1080i

22/08/2007 Kev: Hi
Is the warranty from yourself, can't say I've heard of DigiHome before and are the 2 scart connections full scart ones?

Easycom: the warranty is through aourselves with Uk service partners. the scaerts are full

21/08/2007 Ron: Having read the question from Andy, and seen the pictures of this product, the picture of the inputs shows a PC input, please can you confirm if it does or doesn't have a PC input ?

Easycom: yes it does have a PC Input

20/08/2007 steve: Will your flat mount wall bracket ( £39.99 ) be ok with this TV ?

Easycom: You need to use our code FL1

20/08/2007 philip: can this tv be turned off and not left on standby? if so, when switched back on do you have to re programme it?

Easycom: it can be turned off. There is an off switch on the back by the power supply

14/08/2007 matt: Can i connect my Xbox 360 to this

Easycom: yes you can

14/08/2007 Ken: Hi, looking for a wall mount with this that you can apply a slight tilt to, rather than a flush fix - any ideas?

Easycom: use our Bracket FT1 if you want to tilt it

13/08/2007 Geordie: Whats the responce time on this tv, can the stand be removed and whats the viewing angle ?

Easycom: response is 8ms, the stand can be removed & the viewing angle is 170 deg

08/08/2007 andy: can you link your pc to this tv ?

Easycom: The TV does not have a VGA or DVI input which are the most common methods of connecting to a TV. However there is a S-Video and a HDMI port which can be used to connect newer desktops and laptops.

07/08/2007 bernie: Is this tv wall mountable??

Easycom: yes

07/08/2007 bernie: does this have a dvd player installed?

Easycom: no

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