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Amcor SF10000E slimline portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 20 sqm - SF10000E
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Amcor SF10000E slimline portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 20 sqm

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Amcor Air Conditioners

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This Amcor model packs in enough cooling power to keep your room cool all day. SF10000E is ideal for small to medium sized areas such as an up to 18 sqm (cca200 sqft) office or a bedroom.

Please Note: Stock of this Air Conditioner often sells out fast due to the low price, we advise that you order as quickly as possible to make sure you don't miss out.

Who are Amcor?

Amcor Group are one of the World's largest air conditioner manufacturers. For over 60 years, Amcor has specialised in indoor environmental control. They focus on creating only the highest qualty products making them the most trusted brand available.

Why this air conditioner is right for you:

  • For business enquiries, call 0871 6201056
  • 3 in 1 unit with Cooling, Fan, Dehumidifier function
  • Compact and portable
  • Ideal for medium sized rooms up to 20 sqm (cca 220 sqft)
  • 24 hour start/ stop timer for pre-cooling rooms
  • Low power consumption
  • 12 Month Hassle Free Warranty!

This air conditioner is packed full of features:

  • Highly portable slimline air conditioner
  • Compact and small to suit average sized rooms up to 20 M² (cca 220 sqft)
  • Easy-set electronic touch controls with remote control
  • Cable tidy system at the back
  • Wheels and handle for easy movement
  • Remote control
  • Reusable washable pre-filter
  • 1.5M hose and window kit supplied
  • 12 Month hassle free warranty!

Technical Information:

  • 8000 BTU
  • Cooling capacity - 2.34 KW
  • 1-24 hour timer
  • Quiet 2-speed turbo fan
  • Noise dB - Noise Level: 48-55 db low/high mode(sound power method) EU label: max 64 dB (sound pressure method)
  • 3-mode settings consists of Auto, Cool and Fan
  • R410a "Green" refrigerant for improved cooling performance
  • Thermostat range - 16-32°C
  • Dehumidification - max - 24 L/Day
  • Fan speed - 2
  • Air flow (at high speed) - 380 m3/hr
  • Power supply - 220-240V
  • Energy rating: A
  • Running power consumption - 890W
  • Running current - 3.95 A


  • Dimensions: 730 X 360 X 320mm
  • Weight (indoor/outdoor) - 22kg
  • Hose Diameter: 13cm
  • Note: The window kit is only designed to be installed with sliding windows or doors. The window kit is not designed or to be used with casement style windows.  

Useful Information:

Download Instruction Manual

What is a BTU?

1 BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of liquid water by one degree from 60° to 61° Fahrenheit at a constant pressure of one atmosphere. As a general rule we advise you to buy an Air Conditioner with a minimum 7,000BTUs as this is the minimum required to cool a small room (18sq/m) on a hot day. Medium rooms (24sq/m) need around 10,000BTUs and larger rooms and office spaces (36sq/m) require around 15,000BTUs.


Customer Questions and Answers

15/07/2013 tim: Does this come with a window kit?

Gavin: Yes, all our air-con units do.


13/07/2013 Hdewey: Hi in one comment on here it says you so not have to empty water as all moisture goes out vent. However we received this today and have had to empty the tank twice in last 6 hours?!

Gavin: Hi, the water tank is for internal evaporation and the dehumidifier function.

You shouldn't have to empty it that much though. It's only if the atmosphere is very high in humidity, then the internal evaporation can increase. Have you noticed a drop in volume in the water tank the day after when it maybe wasn't so humid?


10/08/2012 Jay: Hi can this air con be vented through a wall

Gavin: Hi, all our aircon units vent via a 1.5m hose which can go out a window, or you can make a hold in the wall for it.


25/07/2012 zach: Hi, is the unit on wheels and do they have wheel locks to keep it in place?

vicki: This does have wheels but they do not lock

06/06/2012 axel: Hi This unit must generate heat of it own when its operating, is this heat also extracted out?

Gavin: Yes, the 1.5m hose vents out all the hot air and moisture.


01/06/2012 Kirsten: Do you provide something to block the rest of the open window aside from the hose element? We have cats that don't go out so couldn't leave the bottom of the window with a big gap next to the hose.

vicki: No, you would need to purchase something to cover the gap

31/05/2012 Stellastar: I'm thinking of using this unit in my motorhome. It is a huge saving on the cost of a peminant roof mounted unit which cost almost 10 times the price and is less powerful!
I want to ask if it would be okay to add an extension to the vent hose and run it horizontal then vertical venting through a roof window?

vicki: It is not advised to extend the hose as this will affect the performance

29/05/2012 Ian: How long is the hose which comes with the unit please?

jonathan: Hose length is 1.5m

27/05/2012 Gill: When using this air conditioner would the door have to be closed?

Gavin: Not necessarily, it will still function properly with a door or window open around the hose. It's not quite like a car air/con which has to be in an enclosed area.


19/04/2012 Juliet: Can you get a hose extension?

Gavin: Hi, we do not sell one, and can not advise to do so.

However, Places like Maplin and B&Q tend to sell exhaust extensions which will fit.


04/08/2011 claire: What diameter is the hose?

mark h: Its 130mm

02/08/2011 graham: hi, is it possible to remove the casters to lower the height of the unit, and if so how tall would it be. - im wanting it to fit under a desk height of 705mm.

mark h: Yes you can remove the castors. On this unit they are small, 30mm so it would be close as to whether they would lower the unit enough so it fits

02/08/2011 kelly: could this product be taken abroad in a suitcase to spain? would it be compatible to their electric sockets?

mark h: This would be too large to take in a suitcase. You could check it in, in the box as they weight is only around 23kg with the packaging. You would need a 3pin to 2 pin European adapter for it to work

01/08/2011 Keith.: Do these units ever require recharging like the air-con in cars?

mark h: The coolant will last for the lifetime of the unit which is normally 3-4 years depending on usage. They can be "re gassed" like a car, but generally this isn't cost efficient

28/07/2011 Helen: Could the hose be directed into a bucket to collect water instead of going out of a window? And how wide is the hose?

mark h: No sorry it couldn't be, hot air an water vapour come out of the hose so unless its vented externally it will just heat the room up more. The hose is 130mm and the reducer will reduce it to 80mm

11/07/2011 Kate: Does this unit have a product guarantee? Thanks, Kate

mark h: All our Portable Air Conditioners carry a 1 year warranty held directly with ourselves. In the even of a claim we will collect your unit, if its a quick fix we will repair it otherwise we will replace it with a new unit. The turn around time is generally 3-5 days

04/07/2011 Joseph: Is it bulky to put in a caravan or chldren's room 15' x15' please?

mark h: This is the smallest unit we sell 320x730x360 21kg and also one of the most compact on the market for this power. For this size of room you would require 9000BTU so providing you can open a window to vent the hose out of this unit would be more than suitable

29/06/2011 Paul: What is the energy efficiency level of this ACU?

mark h: Its A rated energy Level

28/06/2011 stu: can this be used in a caravan on a site that has 6 amps electric or would it trip the breakers...thanks

mark h: The current draw is 3.95 Amps so it should be ok

28/06/2011 James: Hi - Is this model quiet enough to use on 'air conditioning mode' in a bedroom while asleep? I can't tell how loud 45-49dB is.

mark h: The noise would be around the same as a kitchen or bathroom extractor. On low fan speed some people will find it ok to sleep others too noisy, so it depends on how much noise you are used to hearing at night

28/06/2011 Maggie: Do all airconditioners need to vent out of a window? If I could sleep with the window open I wouldn't need the aircon! :-)

mark h: Unfortunately all the aircon units need to be externally vented either through a wall or window

27/06/2011 jose:
how old is this model?, is this and old model on sale? or a newer one?

mark h: The SF model is brand new for this year. The older model is the MF10000E. The newer SF units are more energy efficient and will cost less to run.

27/06/2011 ann: do you need to vent from window if only using fan setting

mark h: In just fan only mode there isn't any heat exchange so you wouldn't need to vent the hose, but in Aircon mode you would need to.

26/06/2011 Simon: What is the operating noise level of this unit please?

mark h: 45-49dB depending on the mode and fan speed

26/06/2011 Mike W: I note that the temperature setting ranges from 18-32 degrees. Does this mean it can be used to warm a cold room up in the winter?

mark h: No sorry, this model will only cool within this range. A few of our models have a specific heater such as the PCMA15KEH-410

23/06/2011 Terry: What size room would this be suitable for, in terms of sq meters?

mark h: 20 m/sq for this model. We have a comparison chart on the site you may find useful http://www.aircondirect.co.uk/PDF/comparison_chart.pdf

03/06/2011 Phil: Can this unit only be used with sliding windows?

mark h: The fitting kit can only be used effectively with sash or sliding windows, but the hose can be vented out of any open window, the small amount of air that will escape wont make any difference to the performance

02/06/2011 Jay Rozanski: Do you have to empty the water?

Gavin: Hi Jay, this air-conditioner has a hose with which it vents out all the hot air and moisture. It needs to go out a window or into a stair well. Somewhere that can handle the influx of moisture.


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